Japanese Multilingual Critic, Entrepreneur: Taisuke Okamoto

Diversified Skills: 

- International Critic

- Foreign Languages Services (Japanese, English, German, Romanian)

- IT&Web Services

- Finance & Economics

- Developing Countries

- Promotion & Marketing Services

- Startups

- Bio/pharmaceutics in Japan

- Coaching


I grew up in Japan. I finished Okazaki High School in Japan.

To be able to work globally, I went over to America to study. 

I have studied Economics/ Mathematics at University of Southern California (USC), in the U.S.

After graduation, to broaden my perspectives, I decided to go to Europe, Germany, which has been the center of economy in Europe. 

I quickly learned German language and I started my career at DATEV, a leading software company in Germany, as assistant of Vice-Chairman and employee at international department.

I have learned how managements operate the company and their efforts to run the businesses. 

Having been influenced by Vice-Chairman who was a former Partner at Ernst & Young (EY), I switched the company to Ernst & Young (EY). There I experienced Transaction Advisory and Audit.

I was mainly related to buy-side activities of Japanese companies purchasing European, especially German companies (financial due diligence, valuation, project management, business development etc) as well as financial audit of Japanese/German  companies based in Europe.

In the meantime, as I discovered the potential of Romania, I quickly learned Romanian language to work with Romanians.

I left the company and I started the businesses in Romania.

At this moment I can do business in Japanese, English, German and Romanian (multilingual businessman). 

I work in numerous fields. I work as international critic, I have a small company in Romania and I am an Individual Investor.


Media/Publication appeared:

- MSN Money (Japanese)

- Horbor Online (Japanese)

- SPA! (Japanese)




Golf - not single golfer but good enough.

Coffee - Coffee Lover. Maybe 10 cups of coffee every day.

Reading - Heavy Amazon User. 

Running in the gym - new hobby


~Favorite Food~ 

Asian Food Lover, especially Japanese Food - every day I can eat.

Good Salad


~Social Life~

Drinking - No Alcohol.

Smoking - No Smoking.



very unique - Maybe you can see this from my background. But you will probably notice if you get to know me more.

very inspirational - you can check my quotes.

very punctual - probably because I grew up in Japan.



Drawing - Maybe 5 years old level.

Singing - Horrible Singer.

Cooking - I can't even cook fried eggs.