Taisuke Okamoto

- Individual Investor

- Columnist

- Foreign Language Expert

- IT Advisor


Believe in your possibility.

Your possibility is endless. 

Too easy? that is not a challenge.

Challenge yourself more.


Think if it is too easy for you.

If so, it is not a challenge.

You can do it more.

Be a real challenger.

"Life is a challenge. Let's challenge yourself fully - by okatai"


I have quited working for a big corporation.

Instead, I decided to start my own business in the developing country. Though the decision seemed ridiculous for some people,

I chose the right thing becaues I challenge more. 


You can also set your challenge by yourself

and you can try. 


That's right. Does not matter what people say.

You challenge yourself.

Yes, you challenge.

într-adevar nu așa?

viața este o provocare, deaceea e interesant.


Challenge makes you strong.

Yes that is right.

You challenge and you are stronger.

don't be afraid of challenging.


You challenge so you win.

You don't challenge and you never win.