Taisuke Okamoto

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Sometimes just lay down,
close your eyes.
- and no thinking.
Maybe you have a lot of thinking.
Then why don't you just lay down?
You close your eyes.
You don't think anything.
You forget everything.
You don't think.
After few minutes you feel better.

i decided not to work this 24 hours. 

I eat my favorite food until i can not anymore,

I also go shopping.



24 hours not working? this is unbelievable.

This two months long I always worked.

But I still decided not to work at all today. 

I just eat my favorite food.



work hard, eat sweets, work hard.


You must work hard.

Maybe you get really tired. 

Then sometimes it is ok to eat sweets.

Your brain needs it.

After you eat it,

you can refresh.


Keep working.

Have good manners in public.

You are observed more than you think.


You never get benefits if you have bad manners in public.

You  are observed more than you think. 


Some people just don't care about others.

A lot of people recognize that these people have bad manners.


Later on if you meet this person,

and if the person remembers you,

this is not good.



Always try to have good manners.

Be quiet in public and be calm.


You are going to be fine.


Good luck!

Breathe in and breathe out. It is the key to fresh your mind.