Taisuke Okamoto

- Individual Investor

- Columnist

- Foreign Language Expert

- IT Advisor


Be true to yourself.

Know who you are.


We all don't like to face our weakness.

We pretend as if we have no weakness.

But everyone has weakness.

if you want to have a happy life,

you must be true to yourself and 

Everyone has different roles.

You have your own role.

You are important.


Maybe you are not in a leadership role.

But you have your own role.

Whatever your role is, 

you are important.

There are things you can do.


Then everyone is important.

Yes this is so.


But sometimes people do not realize this. 


Realize that you are important.

That is right.

Why don't you care about yourself more?

You should do what you can do.

You have your own criteria.

Think about your criteria more.

As long as you know your own criteria,

you know what to do. 


Be more confident.



Your concept is what I want to see.

It is not necessary for you to show what others want to see.

I want to see your concept.