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Stay healthy.

You get healthy body and mind.

Staying healthy is so important

that this could be one of the most important things
to remember in life.
What is funny thing is that if you stay healthy,
you become also mentally healthy.
You get healthy body and healthy, at least healthier mind.
Then why don't you try it? 

Making an effort is the coolest thing.


There is no cooler thing than making an effort.

In my life I make an effort always.

I tell people that I make an effort.

This is normal.

Don't hesitate to tell people that you make an effort.

It is the coolest thing. 


That is right. Indeed I have a lot of dark hairs.

This is not comparable with the people at my age.

I have been struggling a lot and I mean a lot.


However, by struggling, I have learned more.

I don't think I will lose the game.


Suppose you also struggle and have hardtime.

You might have dark hairs.


But your life is never dark.

It gets only better. 



Keep running.

That is right. Keep running. Just keep running. No time to stop. Keep running. We have no time to stop.


You can run longer than before.

Here many meanings were included.

literally you might be able to run longer than before because of your effort.

But another meaning is that you underestimate what you can do.

You can actually run longer.


In either way, if you can run longer, you should be proud of yourself.

This is simply stated but not too easy.

Only your effort makes it possible.

But this is possible and you should prove it by yourself.

Fit physically. Fit mentally.


We need to keep fit.

If you are fit physically, you are also fit mentally.


If you are not fit mentally, start thinking about being fit physicallz.

If you are not fit physically, start taking care of your health (food, sport).

Be more curious.

be more curious and you enjoy your life more.
this world is big and there are different people.
this person you don't know might be interesting.
maybe you are not interested.
but maybe if you are a little bit more curious,
you might know that this person is interesting.
be more curious.
think why your friend said so.
be more curious.
sometimes read different books.
you see something different.
be more curious and you enjoy your life more.

Sometimes pay attention to your appearance


Why is this in the effort place?

Because paying attention to your appearance is a manner

and this requires sometimes your effort.


Sometimes wear your favorite cloth.

Show me how different you can be.


It is a manner and also it stands you out.

Fitness is always good.


This is my conclusion.

I am busy but I still do fitness.


Even if you have no time, 

try to walk longer.


It is good.

Running solves a lot of things.


if you have a lot of things in mind,
it would be good to run.
you can run without thinking.
if you run,
you get an idea.
Running is also good for your health.
Why don't you try?