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If you see tears in her eyes,

words are useless.


you see tears in her eyes.

you don't know what to do.
One thing you can remember.
Words are useless.
It is time to show your feeling
and show your action. 
It is time to change.
you know what to do
and you do not want to see them again.

Religion does not matter.

Your parents are always your trusted people.

They care about you.


Lately we have so many religious problems.

But no matter what kind of religion you have,

the concept of parents is the same.

They are always your trusted people.

They care about you.

Maybe they don't say so but they do.


Unfortunately I see my parents only 2 weeks per year.

This has been so since when I was an university student.

So this has been like this for a long long time.


If you have your family near you, 

you are lucky.

You have a chance to tell them face to face that you love them.

If they are not near you,  

then it is time to call or write a message.

Tell them that you are thankful.


They are your parents.

Maybe they don't say so but they want to hear.

you don't have to be shy.
make them happy.
take your time and say thank you today.

If you water your flower,

the flower blooms beautifully.

Water your flower and life.


Keep watering your flower.
This will bloom beautifully.
If you don't water your flower,
you never see the beauty.
If you want to see the beauty,
you need to keep watering your flower.
As you can imagine, life is the same.
Watering your life and see the beauty in the future.
You will see the beautiful flower.

Discipline yourself before you lose it.


For you this might be about friendship, love or maybe something else.

You need to discipline yourself before you lose it. 

Think if it's worth it or not.

It never is.

It is your choice.

Be the best Gentleman


Today I saw two men in the gym.

One was macho but kind and nice.

Another one was not polite. 

You talk to a girl or man? does not matter.

If you are really real, you are the gentleman.

Be the Gentleman. Be the best Gentleman.

You are the best Gentleman.

Make nice small talk.
make nice small talk.
You don't know what kind of person this is.
Maybe you will never see this person again.
But this is ok.
Just have nice conversation.
Nice small talk.
You see if you like the person or not.
If you dont talk, you never know.
Just enjoy small talk.
You enjoy conversation.
That is all.
Make nice small talk.

This year May 8th is mother's day in Japan.

Even though I figured out that it was not mother's day in Romania,

I still bought these flowers for my landowner

who are very nice and supports me a lot.


I hope this makes her happy.

Flowers are good sometimes.

Why don't you also try?

Today is a woman's day.
It is good time for you to rethink about relationship with women.
Go talk to your girlfriend or good friends and show them respect.
It is a woman's day.
But what is more important,
you show them your respect every day.
Right after you read this, you should start this.
Do something good for them.
They will like it.