Taisuke Okamoto

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Find your small happiness every day.


Happiness exists in your daily life.

Maybe they are very small things.

But small happiness is even better.

Small happiness is easier to achieve.

You want to find what makes you happy every day.

Then you can enjoy your life more.

Nikon Present

This is one of the important presents I received before.
This is not a camera. This is a USB stick.
You see how small it is.
I got this present from Nikon president I used to know.
I never asked, but he took photos for me when I decided to leave the company to start my own business. This was already nice enough.
Then he put the pictures in this mini camera stick.
You can imagine how nice it is.
I have good memories in this USB stick.
Even now I am thankful to him.
This is the friendship and this is the gift that caught my heart.
I hope you also have the gift with your nice memory.

Just listen
We want to talk about ourselves.
it is our nature.
But sometimes just listen.
Listen to what others say and forget about yourself.
At some point you will be able to enjoy listening to others.
why dont you try?

On March 11th 2011 many people lost their families in Japan.

5 years have already passed.

Their states of sadness and regret haven't passed yet.

I, on the other hand, am alive.

I should be thankful for what I have now.

and my life goes on.


For those people who had your moment of silence today,

I thank you.

We shall be thankful and keep going.

If you learn to be modest, small things can make you happy.