Taisuke Okamoto

- Individual Investor

- Columnist

- Foreign Language Expert

- IT Advisor


Timing is difficult in life.

Be patient until that time comes.


I too miss the right timing.

I still look for the timing.

Patience is the key.


I also started my business and patience is a really keyword.

Be patient, be patient.


Why don't you wait, if that time comes anyway?


I understand that we all want that time to come.

But if you are so sure that the time comes,

why don't you wait and let that time comes to you?


If that comes to you,

even if you wait,

you will face it. 


Patience is the key.

You will get it.

Wait until that time comes.

If you catch a wave, 

you can go faster.



Catch a wave.

Whether or not it goes up or down,

that is the movement.

Learn how to catch a wave.

You will be there faster.