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Don't trust people so easily.

Get to know people and 

find people you can trust.


I was at a big supermarket.

I paid relatively a large bill 
but the cashier said I paid one "digit" off.
I am very careful with money
and before I left my apartment, 
I made sure I had that big bill.
Now it is gone.
So it is impossible that I paid something else.
The story goes on
but anyway in the end even though I complained so much,
they never gave me the money back.
People can not be trusted so easily.
From now on i need to be even more careful.
Trust is am important word in life.
If you have people you can trust, it is good.
If you don't have enough,
then start getting to know some people.
Maybe they become people you can trust.
In the end you want to know
which friends you can really trust.

Meeting someone you can trust is a miracle.

It is a miracle,
if it is real trust.
since it is a miracle,
if you find someone you can really trust,
value this.
It is a miracle.

Find friends who are sincere and honest.

They don't lie and you can trust them.


Do you have friends who are sincere and honest?

There are no better people than honest and sincere people.

Your friends should be sincere and honest.
If they are so, you can listen to them.
They don't lie and never harm you.
If you don't have any, you must find.

If you want to catch his/ her heart,

give him/ her meaningful gift.


This is also true for just friendship.

I am a guy but I have also received some gifts.
The great gift, I'm also sure also for you too, was the gift with meaning.
Last November I received a gift from this businessman.
This was so meaningful for me that I was so thankful.
Concerning this gift, I will write more.
It is not about money.
If you do this, you catch his/her heart.
Good luck.

Be trusted by someone.


I don't know who you are,

but if you have someone who trusts you,

you are good. 


If not yet,

make an effort for it.