Taisuke Okamoto

- Individual Investor

- Columnist

- Foreign Language Expert

- IT Advisor

Motivational Coaching

For dieting, you need enough motivation. 

For motivational teaching, the website "posiking.com" was designed. 

This is available only in Japanese at this moment.


The fact is that I am so motivated.

I do not have special brains. I am totally normal.

But with my motivation, I have been making an effort so much.

And I mean really a lot of effort.


I got a lot of skills because I am so motivated. I support you.


In my opinon everybody can be motivated as much as I do and reach the goals they want faster.


The difficulty is that I have realized that getting motivated and keeping the motivation are actually not that easy. 


That is why I do this.


It is so much easier if there is someone who can guide you.


Therefore I support you.


I encourage people to do things and motivate.


This sounds odd? I really don't think so.


Everybody needs a teacher. Everybody needs to share their concerns. Everybody needs to keep going forward but with some guidance you are not on your own.


Please check my quotes. Here I show you my ideas and why I am so motivated. I upload my motivational words frequently.

So please check this website often.


Currently I also do online motivational coaching sessions.

Please feel free to contact me for motivational coaching to achieve your goals faster. Worth it.