Taisuke Okamoto

- Multilingual International Critic/ Columnist

- Foreign Language Expert

- IT Advisor

- Individual Investor

- Motivational Coach (incl. Dieting)

Motivational Coaching

For dieting, you need enough motivation. 

For motivational teaching, the website "posiking.com" was designed. 

This is available only in Japanese at this moment.


The fact is that I am so motivated.

I do not have special brains. I am totally normal.

But with my motivation, I have been making an effort so much.

And I mean really a lot of effort.


I got a lot of skills because I am so motivated. I support you.


In my opinon everybody can be motivated as much as I do and reach the goals they want faster.


The difficulty is that I have realized that getting motivated and keeping the motivation are actually not that easy. 


That is why I do this.


It is so much easier if there is someone who can guide you.


Therefore I support you.


I encourage people to do things and motivate.


This sounds odd? I really don't think so.


Everybody needs a teacher. Everybody needs to share their concerns. Everybody needs to keep going forward but with some guidance you are not on your own.


Please check my quotes. Here I show you my ideas and why I am so motivated. I upload my motivational words frequently.

So please check this website often.


Currently I also do online motivational coaching sessions.

Please feel free to contact me for motivational coaching to achieve your goals faster. Worth it.