Taisuke Okamoto

- Individual Investor

- Columnist

- Foreign Language Expert

- IT Advisor

Dieting Coach


When I started my career, I was already chubby.


now body fat 8.0 %

In the past, I was not so interested in the importance of maintaining my health. I also did not care about what I eat. 


Indeed, I was very fat. You see the pictures above. 


Then I finally started serious dieting.


While I was on a diet, I was amazed at how interesting and deep the topic "dieting" is. 


Then I was really into the dieting and I pursued the topic. Having experimented with my body, wIthin few months, I got good result. 


Today, I still practice "healthy lifestyle" and truely enjoy it.


For successful dieting, we need 3 things:

1. Basic Nutrition Knowledge

2. Good Workout Habit

3. Motivation, Advisor & Mentality to stick to dieting 


All of them are important. 


If you can do it alone, you don't need an advisor. 


But if you have a right advisor, you have a better chance of being successful in dieting. This is also the fastest way of success.


Since the topic "dieting" is important, there are many experts who are familiar with the topic outside. 


Besides their knowledge, you might want to consider if

- the coach can truely understand why people are so fat and not easy to do dieting

- the coach is energetic enough so that you keep your dieting


Since I was very fat, I can understand why dieting is so difficult.

I am also a motivated and positive person, so I share my experience with you and always motivate you.


If you are interested in working with me, please feel free to consult with me.