Taisuke Okamoto

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- Columnist

- Foreign Language Expert

- IT Advisor

Learn Japanese

I know many languages. I have lived in the foreign countries for a long time.

However, Japanese is my native language and it is my core language.


How is my Japanese? 

Well, I studied in the U.S, but I still finished high school in Japan.

And this high school is a relatively good/ or in a better word "well-known" high school in Japan.

So my Japanese is totally fine.

But what is more important is that I am a Japanese person who has learned many foreign languages. 

You won't find many people like me.

With my know-how, you can learn my mother language in an efficient manner. 

*For all of Kanji Learners*

I am the sponsor of Free Japanese learning website. If you are interested in learning Japanese visually, you can use it. Everything is free.


*For Romanians*

If you are a Romanian, I have designed Japanese courses in Romania so that you can learn it in an efficient manner. It took so long to make the Japanese lecture courses with my Romanian Teacher. My Romanian Teacher teaches you Japanese in Romanian Language. Of course I am also strongly involved. More precisely, I was sitting always next to the teacher and checked and reviewed what the teacher did. I was also involved in making the contents and other things.


*JLPT in English*

Furthermore, I'm planning to do online lectures for JLPT. At this moment not available.


*Individual Lessons*

I also do online private lessons. 

Please feel free to contact me for more details.